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I think self-study is very important. It is impossible for teachers and masters to be with you 24 hours a day, and it is even more impossible to accompany you for a lifetime. Then I want to ask, do you still have to learn when the teacher and the master are not around? Of course, if you say no, I have nothing to say to you. It??s gone. If you say yes, I will ask you further, how can the teacher and the master not learn from you? Yes, only self-study. The role of self-study allows me to explain it later, because I have to explain the relationship between "teaching" and "self-study" before explaining. If the relationship is unclear, the meaning of self-study can't be said. I personally think that The teacher or the master just refers to the street light. They tell you which direction you will go in. Of course, a good teacher or a good master can also take you on a journey. A very good teacher or a very good master can still lead the way. At the same time teach you how to go the way below. Anyway, I know that no teacher and master can lead you all the way. There is no end to the road. No one can go to the end, only to go further. When the teacher or master leads the way, you must study seriously and humbly. If they don't have time, you have to learn by yourself, or they have taught you the skills. The rest of the way, you have to learn self-study." Many people have heard of this. But there are many people who may misunderstand that people who have misunderstood self-study are not teachers and masters. I think this should not be the case. I have seen some self-taught characters in the book, such as Li Ka-shing, the richest man in Asia now. Former Soviet writer Gorky, world invention king Edison, Chinese mathematician Hua Luogeng, etc. These people all have a characteristic, they have not received formal education, or they have received very little. Mr. Li Ka-shing used to be poor, it seems to be I didn??t finish reading in elementary school or middle school Carton Of Marlboro Reds Free Shipping. (I saw it a long time ago, I don??t remember clearly, I made a mistake when I made a mistake.) I went to sell it. It seems that I still go to the door to sell. People only know that he has no formal education, who can guarantee He doesn't have a teacher or a master? Right, the teachers and masters I said don't necessarily have a teacher's ritual and getting started as a disciple, as long as someone If you have been instructed, you can be a teacher or a master. Gorky, Edison, etc. should be like this. So I think that self-taught people are not completely without a teacher or a master, but they are more focused on self-study. Their The ratio of "teaching" and "self-study" may be: 4 to 6, 3 to 7, 2 to 8, 1 to 9. I always feel that it is impossible to understand the relationship between 0 to 10 teaching and self-study! "Teaching" and "Self-study" are one-of-a-kind Make Newport 100. They are indispensable. I feel that self-study is of great significance. I am a person who focuses on self-study. Of course, I am not born to learn by myself. I have to thank my father here. I don't know how your father is, but I feel that he is very strange. I didn't understand his behavior before. Now I understand. This is from my preschool class. He is a people's teacher. It must be an intellectual Wholesale Marlboro Red 100'S. When I was in preschool, if I had problems in my studies, I asked him. He said he didn't know. I always laughed at him. You can't be a fart with such a simple question (not that I am rude, I just want to restore my original words) teacher. He said, I admit that I am stupid than my students. If I am smart, I will not be a teacher. There is no champion teacher. Because the champion is not a teacher Cheap Cigarettes Newport In Nj. He said something messy. (You have to consider my age at the time, I didn't understand his theory at the time, of course I understand now.) I am too lazy to talk nonsense with him. I asked him to tell me the answer directly. I am good at making a difference. (I didn??t know why when I was young. I have to learn, why do I have to finish my homework, so I made this a bad deal, which is to complete the homework assigned by the teacher). He is more interesting, he just doesn't say the answer. I am in a hurry, I said, if I don't say it, I can't make a difference, I won't go to school. He said, tell you what the answer is. How many questions do I have? How much time do I have? I teach you how to find the answer yourself? I said, why should I find the answer myself? The guy told me about myself. History, saying that his father and mother are peasants, and they don??t know a few characters. They have never taught him knowledge. Besides listening to classes, they are self-taught, and they rely on self-study to go to college. I said, your university is so bad, what is the use? He is proud to say that the peasant children can go to college, and the peasant household registration has become a resident account. 30 minutes passed, I still didn't do that Marlboro 100'S Carton. I will go to the small partner's house for a while. This guy is even worse than the teacher. I am fed up. I said, talk nonsense, no matter what, teach me how to find the answer. He immediately got serious. The answer to the Chinese question is in the textbook. You can do it by reading more than a few times. You can't find me again. The math problem is not to turn the textbook. The textbook is just to teach you how to do the problem. There is no answer, you have to think about it yourself. I will be suspicious, I

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