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will do it. That's it, I went to today, so I said that my dad is my first teacher Marlboro 100'S Carton. The road to self-study is what he pointed to me. Of course, he also led me for a short distance. He did not hesitate to go. I was taught to me. In fact, this is also a once and for all. After he taught me "self-study", I have never asked him for help, whether it is a learning problem or a life problem. My dad taught me to teach myself. I have had it for many years. A lot of self-learning experience. The benefits and disadvantages of self-study I know, when do I have to learn by myself, when I want to listen to the teaching of teachers and masters, I also know that anyway, I have already gone a long way on the road of "self-study". Today, I will spare no effort. Teach everyone. It is your business to want to learn. Can you learn to look at your skills? Before I teach, I will let you have the equipment and equipment. Self-study is difficult and difficult, but the harvest is quite rich and unexpected. There is no perseverance, no hardship, no hard work, no desire for knowledge, no desire to improve yourself. The heart, have no confidence in one's own IQ, have no confidence in themselves, can't do the friends who insist on the end, I personally suggest that you still don't learn, do not meet the above conditions, don't say whether you can learn, just learn how You can't use it until you are self-study. You have to tell yourself what you want to do? For example, some friends want to improve their English scores. I have not seen the high school English test paper, but I have seen more in junior high school, so I analyzed junior high school English. You first analyze the test paper, the test paper is divided into two parts - listening and written test. Hearing examines your listening ability, because you have to listen to it Newport Short Cigareetes, you can't read it, you can't read it, you can't read it, and it's not realistic to listen. The written test is a multiple-choice question, a reading question, and a reading-filling question is finally an essay. The above is an analysis of what you are going to do. Next, we must analyze ourselves. The analysis must be accurate. If the analysis is not accurate, the effect is definitely bad. After a few tests, you know where you have an advantage and no advantage. If your hearing is not good, you will strengthen the training of reading content. If it is not a written test, you have to look at which piece is not working. If you can't do multiple choices, you can practice multiple choice questions. If you can't read Wholesale Marlboro Red 100'S Cigarettes, you should practice reading more. Here you have to analyze the reading questions. If you don't read well, the vocabulary is small, or the sentence can't be translated, or the whole text can be translated. The topic that the article wants to illustrate. I have seen it! Before self-study, I must have the purpose of self-study Cheap Newport 100S Free Shipping. After I have a purpose, I will study and analyze the content that I want to get. After analyzing, I will analyze my own problems. After I have done everything, I will be able to play a role in self-study. There are supplies in the shortcomings. You have your own purpose to learn. In the process of learning, you can develop strengths and make your strengths longer. Shortcomings can be slowly compensated, and even shortcomings can become strengths. These are the benefits of self-study, and there are disadvantages. After all, there is no perfect thing! When I say that the benefits of self-study may be drooling! The method looks very simple, it is easy to say, you taste it when you do it. It is. It takes a lot of effort to achieve the goal, a lot of sweat, you will be disappointed or even desperate during this time, so not everyone can see the final result, many people stop on the road when you have no direction at all, do not know When you start from there, you have to accept "teaching". I said that teaching does not have to be a teacher Wholesale Cigarettes Marlboro Online. No matter who or the network, as long as it points you in the direction, leads you and even teaches you to go. It is "teaching". You have a direction, know where you are going, and you can learn from yourself. You have to get the knowledge you want. Only "teaching" will definitely not get a lot. Only "self-study" will be groping. A lot of time is wasted, even time is wasted, and you can't go right. "Teaching" and "self-study" complement each other and are indispensable. On the basis of "teaching", people who are more focused on "self-study" should get more, but they will have more hardships and no good things with the best of both worlds.

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