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I know a couple of young couples, unusual love, and often show in a circle of friends, so that we married men and women have to often sigh "love is really good, youth is really good, and love does not make their feelings fade, women's park I have told them about their secrets of love preservation Cigarettes Online Cheap Free Shipping. In addition to the most important mutual trust and the fact that they never lose sight of each other at all times, they must give each other some small touches and surprises, such as being in a thousand miles. Buying glasses, scarves, such as many photos of them together for two years, make a beautiful ppt Buy Newport 100S Cigarettes Online, such as suddenly moving from the city to the city of Kobayashi. For example, this time, Xiaoyuan does not know this is her number because I missed it so much that I couldn??t help but buy the ticket to Xiaolin??s morning in the early morning on Saturday morning. The fog was thick and thick, the small garden wrapped up the down jacket, and the cold wind trembled, but she felt that as long as she could Seeing Kobayashi, no matter how cold, more versatile, and more exhausted, it is worthwhile. She fantasized about the various reactions after Kobayashi saw her, she would suddenly hug her, she would kiss her, she would be excited. I called, or will she say, "Baby, it is tough. She was immersed in her imagination, excited, eager, excited by public transport, moving cars, then turning to short-distance buses, and then to passengers for three rounds. From 7:00 in the morning, she had been tossing until near noon before she stood in Kobayashi. In front of the house. Xiaoyuan took out the key, the corner of the mouth was slightly tilted, because the room that was about to ease was quiet, so she was light-handed. She thought that since he did not play the game, he should be in the dream week. When the garden saw the neatly folded bed, suddenly she was stunned. In an instant, she had a blank head. After all, this was a scene she had fantasized about countless scenes. For a while, Xiaoyuan didn??t know what to do. She became embarrassed, and she suddenly lost her spirit. She sat on the cold bed and finally called Xiaolin??s phone. "Where are you?" "What? I am in S City," Xiaolin said. The noise was noisy. She was driving the car. She didn't tell him in advance to surprise Xiaolin. I didn't expect to pass him by, so I could meet earlier. She thought that Kobayashi would still be like most of the past. Like the weekend, at home Computer games, she was lying on the bed, and no longer wanted to surprise him. She only said faintly, "I am at your home now, can you come back soon?" "Really?" Kobayashi??s voice was really excited. "Then wait for me for a while, you haven't eaten yet, wait for me to come back and get it for you. You will take a break first, and I will say to my friend. Looking at the bright and sunny winter sun outside the window, Xiaoyuan only regrets it. She thought that she could share her footprints with Xiaolin in this small town. The tired body was enemies of the screaming belly. She covered the quilt and the clothes. When she slowly went to Xiaolin to wake her up, she looked at her mobile phone. It was already more than 5:00 pm, the winter was short, the sun was slanting, and the sun was faint. It seemed that there was no temperature. Looking at Xiaolin's face with a sly face, Xiaoyuan didn't ask him why he came back now. He could have arrived in half an hour. After all, she came without saying hello. She smiled slightly and was pitiful. "I didn't eat anything all day, now I am hungry." She was not embarrassed, and Xiaolin was very happy. He actively made a table for her. When they had dinner, it was already over 8 o'clock in the evening. Two people watched two movies. Xiaoyuan thought that she would say "bye bye" on Saturday, but fortunately, Kobayashi told her tomorrow. Be sure to accompany her. Accompanied by her falling asleep is a wonderful encounter with Sunday. It is not the call of Kobayashi's gentle relatives that wakes her up Wholesale Ciggarettes, but Kobayashi's sharp and harsh call bell. More than six o'clock in the morning, not yet bright, the small towns in winter are still half asleep and half asleep, hey, Xiaoyuan fans heard Xiaolin's voice low. "I have something today, Xiaoyuan is coming, how? Ah? I want to I think... well, I told her about the sweetness of the sweet dreams and the warmth around me, but at this time, a spirit in my heart, let Xiaoyuan no more sleepy. She turned her head and looked at Xiaolin. Xiaolin laughed. Sorry, I woke you up," he did not explain, screaming the phone "I'm sorry, strong brother told me to accompany him to see the car today, I told him that you came, but he had to call me, you know, strong brother usually I am good, and I am a colleague. When people ask me to go, I feel that I am not bad..." Hey, Xiaoyuan heard something in his heart broken, and Xiaolin??s series of words made her world fall apart in an instant. She said nothing. Kobayashi asked tentatively, "Well, let's go together, watch the car with him in the morning, and we will go in the afternoon..." The beautiful fantasy is broken again, everything is turned into nothingness, and the heart is pressed like a big stone, straight to Xiao Shen, she said, "Say good to accompany. of. He replied, "I'm sorry, it can be a big deal for a strong brother to buy a car. He told me to accompany him to see me. If I don't go, it will not be good in the future." She fixed Xiaolin for a few seconds and then turned her head back. The voice was disappointing and dumb. "Let's go, I won't go." Xiaolin said to Xiaoyuan before leaving. "You wait for me, I will come back soon." When Xiaoyuan received Xiaolin??s call, it was two o'clock in the afternoon. After the call was connected, Kobayashi asked, ??Where are you??? ??C City.?? ??Are you going back??? ??Yeah.?? Xiaoyuan didn??t think Xiaolin would be angry. The question "How do you go back? Isn't it good to accompany you in the afternoon?" Instead of "motion sickness? Have you eaten? Are you tired? Are you safe all the way?" Xiaoyuan was shocked by his sudden anger. After a while, I said, "I will go to work tomorrow." "You are angry, right? But I am not telling you that I am not convenient. I am a colleague." Xiaoyuan explained, "I am not angry. Xiaoyuan told me that At the moment, she was really not too angry. She also said the words calmly, but she did not expect Xiaolin to say such a sentence, "Why are you so ignorant? Why don??t you understand me?" At the time of Xiaoyuan, I can't say anything. Sometimes I can't say nothing because I don't want to say it, but I have nothing to say. Xiaoyuan hangs up the phone and only feels tired and tired. It has been wronged for two years Cigarettes Newport Online. For the first time because of Kobayashi, she couldn??t help but shed tears. Why? She also Ask yourself why? Why do you want to go to see him in the mountains and rivers? Why do you want to see him when you are abused? Why? In fact, Xiaoyuan should not hang up the phone. She should ask Xiaolin "Why?" "Why did she choose to continue waiting or go back after he chose a friend to give up her? Why should she understand his feelings when she is so disappointed and so uncomfortable? Why?" Xiaoyuan??s love for him? There is no shortage of ??Why??? like Xiaolin. Of course, there are all kinds of ??Why??? ??Why??? The old man on the bus. Because the little girl did not give him Let the seat, the old man will insult the little girl all the way, and then the unbearable little girl finally yelled at him. "I want to write a big aunt on the face?" The women must have a deep understanding, the days of the physiological period, in the end What kind of mental affliction is in the heart. The lighter waist and stomach rise, the body is uncomfortable, the heavy ones hurt and the bed is full, the tea is not thought, and the more is the girl who wants to lie in bed and does not want to move. "And the uncle , Lively, healthy, able-bodied, quick mind, articulate. "Why don't you give me a seat?" Why do you want to give you a seat? Why do you want to give you a seat? "Why?" colleagues in the work. Because of her physical discomfort or any urgent matter, she begged you to do the work that belonged to her for her Wholesale Usa Cigarettes. If you don't work hard, work overtime to help her, she smiles and praises you. If you don't have time, or if you are unwell or have an urgent matter, she will feel uncomfortable and belittle. "Why don't you do it for me?" Why do you want to do it for you? Why do you want to do it for you? Why?" Friends. Looking for you to borrow money, he always has many reasons, "I want to buy a house to pay the down payment, almost" "I want to buy a full car, almost" "My son wants to pay insurance, hand tight" friends, borrow money can, but in Within the scope of your own abilities, you must meet all the security feelings you need. He always feels that the reason why you don't borrow money is that you are arrogant and ridiculous. "Why don't you lend me money?" Why lend money to you? Why should you lend money to you? Why?" People, always, they don't understand that not everyone will pay as much as their parents. Regardless of all, think about them. Others understand you, give you a seat, help you, lend money to you, that is all sentiment, and vice versa, that is, the human heart is selfish, this is nature, not a shortcoming. If even my own heart is wronged, my body is uncomfortable, my work is complicated, my money is tense, and where can I find the sympathy and energy to help you? I am like this myself. Why should I understand you?

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