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ot of people live alone, but not everyone can stand the loneliness and even enjoy loneliness. Leaving the hustle aA lnd bustle of the environment, leaving the boring work, sitting in front of the window and enjoying a cup of fragrant wine, with a soothing musical gaze flowing between the lines and the author to a spiritual gathering. Don't let yourself look busy, you should behave very comfortably, enjoy the feelings that everything brings to you, and find the focus of everything. In your leisure time, you should invite your friends to come to your own house to gather together Marlboro Red Shorts Carton, go shopping with colleagues to have a coffee, or make a meal even if it is not so delicious Newport Carton Wholesale, go to some interest classes and get to know the unknown world. Don't limit your life in your twenties, try something new and make new friends. In this way, there will be surprises in your life, and it will be different. After ten or twenty years, thirty years later, you will never regret that you have done nothing. A person's life should also be colorful, enjoy being alone, and enjoy all the good things that Lonely brings to you. Come on, young man! I met him at the bus stop. Just finished the first snow that day, the warm sun. He was wearing a thick down jacket and carrying a cane where he waited for the bus. I recognized it at a glance - "Bi teacher", we haven't seen each other for more than ten years, and Bi teacher is getting old. "Oh, it's you, rare and rare." When I spoke, I saw that there were only two of his mouths. a tooth. "Where are you going?" "Philatelic Association" "Is it still collecting mail?" "Isn't that a hobby?" The car came, and I helped him get on the bus. There are more people at the station, and he has to be modest. "You are not welcome, young people should let you" - I can say it to the young people next to me. There was a gap in the crowd, and Teacher Bi got on the bus. Bi teacher is not surnamed Bi, the name is Biqige, Mongolian. He is a math teacher at my elementary school. Listening to the teacher's arithmetic class is a kind of enjoyment Cheap Cigarette Online Free Shipping. In the classroom, he speaks in a whisper, and then cites the numerology. Not only does it enable us to master the knowledge as soon as possible, but we can also make a difference. In the classroom, the teacher is very elegant, especially the thumb and index finger hold the chalk head, and the fingers form an OK posture. Now I often think of it. Whenever a classmate is looking around in the classroom, whispering, sleeping, and playing with things, Teacher Bi does not yell at it, but while quietly picking up a small piece of chalk on the side of the lecture, suddenly raising a hand of chalk is unbiased. The ground hit the head of the classmate and caused everyone to smile Cigarette Wholesale Price. After we graduated, Teacher Bi was transferred to the Teaching and Research Section of the Municipal Education Bureau to study mathematics teaching in primary schools. Many research projects in primary school mathematics under his auspices were rewarded in the country and the autonomous region. After retiring in the 1990s, he became obsessed with philately and served as the director, executive director, vice president of the Chifeng City Philatelic Association. He is serious about the work of the Philatelic Association, almost every day in the association's office, and all the activities of the Philatelic Association can always see his busy figure. In 2001, one of my special postal collections participated in the philatelic exhibition of the autonomous region. Teacher Bi gave me a lot of help. In 2004, I transferred to Xing'an League. He told me that I must participate in the philatelic activities of Xing'an League and introduce me to Xing'an League's postal friends. After that, I did not meet with Teacher Bi for more than ten years. I also heard some news from him through the postal friend: I resigned as the vice chairman of the Philatelic Association at the age of 80, but the enthusiasm for the association??s work is not diminished. To see the association, whenever there is a new philatelic product listing or association collective activities must come to this encounter, see Bi teacher in the hustle and bustle of the philatelic activities is still obsessed as always, could not help but give birth to a lot of emotion. In the first half of his life, he took primary school mathematics teaching as his pursuit, and he made great contributions to society. In the latter half of his life, collecting stamps as a career, selfless dedication, and found the joy of life for himself. German sociologist Marx Weber said: "People are animals hanging on the net of the meaning of their own weaving Wholesale Ciggarettes." When people live, they must give meaning to their lives and give them a living reason. A person has the ideal, the pursuit, the struggle, the dedication, the reward, and he can appreciate the joy of life. When life has meaning, life has power, and it has vitality to have vitality. We often say happy life, the premise is to weave a net of meaning to ourselves.

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