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Muslim" is both strange and mysterious to me, especially when it is associated with "burial", which gives me a very special and magical feeling. When I know that there is "Muslim's Funeral" (author; Horda, 1991) After winning the third Mao Dun Literature Award in the past, I have been thinking about having it. Until a few years later, I finally bought my own "Muslim Funeral". I am so curious. I can??t wait to know what kind of story it tells, what the funeral is buried Newport Online Cigarettes. When I read the book all night, and I burst into tears, I saw the helplessness and embarrassment of Han Ziqi and saw it. Bingyu forbearance and escape, saw the pain and perseverance of the new moon. A vivid figure came to the forefront, and I seem to be the witness of their lives, seeing their joy, their sorrow. Their helplessness, sorrow and forbearance What is hidden behind escape, pain and attachment? I think it is the pursuit of happiness. Happiness needs to pursue, and the pursuit requires great courage. Even the courage to pursue happiness is not How can people get happiness? The monarch in the book is like this, she is also eager for happiness, but when the war came, her husband refused to go to the UK when she left. Not afraid, but not dare. She did not have the courage Leaving, there is no determination to pursue love and happiness, so she gave up. She is the representative of typical feudal women, backward, awkward, ignorant. So that the love of Bingyu and Han Ziqi later broke her love, her happiness. However, who is this strange? Without courage to pursue happiness, happiness will naturally slip away. But she is poor, no love, no pursuit, no freedom. Pursuit of happiness requires courage, also requires a strong heart. Because we I can't expect what will happen in the future, and the road to happiness is very difficult. I don't know how to judge the ice jade. I don't know how to evaluate the ice jade Cartons Of Newport Cigarettes, the brave pursuit of love, the pursuit of happiness, the personality, the talented girl. She is a talented woman at Peking University, accepting advanced ideas and showing the high-spirited passion of Chinese youth in the new era. When Bingyu desperately followed Han Ziqi to the UK, I couldn't help but marvel at her courage, fearlessness and courage. In the age of war, no one knows what will happen, maybe drifting from here, maybe losing life. However, she left in such a decisive manner. In order to pursue her freedom, she was brave enough. When she and her brother-in-law Han Ziqi fell in love, she once again chose to bravely pursue her love and pursue happiness. She did not Under the shackles of the decadent rituals Usa Cigarettes Online Free Shipping, I did not give up my love. But after a few years of wandering, they took their daughter to the new moon to go home. When faced with her sister and nephew, Bingyu chose to give up for the first time and left alone. Wandering around Cheap Newport Cigarettes Online Free Shipping. I don't know why she escaped, she is so brave, so special. But I can understand her helplessness. Her love is not accepted by the world, her pursuit may be a joke in the eyes of others. But how about it, can bravely pursue love, but also be strong and face all obstacles. If Bingyu is strong enough, maybe the ending It will be different. The new moon will also be happy, not regrettable. Pursuit of happiness also requires perseverance. On the road to the pursuit of happiness, there will be many obstacles, perhaps identity, perhaps race, even if there are more difficulties, we must use unyielding perseverance to pursue happiness, and life will not leave regret. In my eyes, the new moon is mature, gentle, and talented. Chu Yanchao is talented, steady and responsible. They are attracted to each other because of their common ideals and pursuits. Their love is sincere and beautiful. However, there is not only a barrier between teachers and students Cheap Newport Cigarette, but also a racial race. But they are the wave of the new era, regardless of the worldly vision, unrelenting pursuit of happiness, people like and make people move. Seeing the despair and sorrow of Chu Yanchao when he left the world in the new moon, I couldn??t cry myself. Their love is like the story of "Liang Zhu", and it is moving and moving. The ending is sad, but they are happy on the road to happiness. Although they can't last long, they have worked hard for happiness and have been brave. Therefore, the regret of the new moon is only because it can't be with Chu Yanchao for a long time, not because she has not pursued it. The book ends with the funeral of the new moon, but is this funeral buried only in the new moon? Perhaps there is the love and happiness of Bingyu, the marriage of Junyi and the simple past, the love of the new moon and Chu Yanchao, Have the happiness and integrity of this family. "Muslim's Funeral" left me with not only sentimentality, but also the urge to bravely pursue happiness. Their destiny is sad, but they cannot be denied the touch they have brought us. If you can bravely pursue happiness in life, how many regrets do you have? Many people will ask what the meaning of life is. I think the "Muslim Funeral" will give us an answer.

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