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It??s strange, inexplicable, wants to write a log for myself, without sadness or exaggeration Order Marlboro 100'S Online, just to write the truest self.lly, I may still be awkward, but absolutely hate it. Believe me, although I can always chatter, but I love someone to hold a book that I love to watch and quietly stay in a quiet place for an afternoon. I can ride a bicycle home alone, don't care if someone is accompanying me, maybe I am adapted to being alone, but maybe I can enjoy being quiet; I can talk with my friends in a hot and busy way, or when she talks with others, she can quietly Exit, stand behind the team and smile gently; I can still write homework when I am absolutely embarrassed, but I can talk non-stop when I am very quiet.y, I may be really cold, because I really don't care about other people's things, even people around me, as if I don't care at all. I can smile at you when you are by my side, but you can just politely nod when you are away from me. It seems that as long as you are away from my life, you are just a stranger; I can do something small. Say sorry or thank you, I can also find ways to repay the feelings when you give me anything; I can I care about the end when I think it, I can not go back when I decide to give up. So sometimes, I really don't know who I am, what character is it. Perhaps it is a sentence, when you really see yourself, you have no chance to progress. I should be thankful, isn't it? I still have the opportunity to progress.lways endure it when I am wronged. I seem to seldom indulge myself and others, but it is not without it. Really, I am like a pampered girl who always smiles with unscrupulous smiles when she is sad. When I can't bear it, I always find a head and quarrel with others, and then apologize when the mood is stable, but I know I am still sorry for others. I don't want to cry, I always feel that crying means giving up Newport Cigarettes Reviews. But I am a sensible and fragile person, so I always bow silently when I cry, bit my lip, cover my face with my palm or directly bury my head in my arm to sleep. Whether it is a friend or a family member, unless I take the initiative to show it, they seem to never realize that I am angry or sad. Sometimes I will tell them when I am angry or sad, but they all think that I am joking; sometimes when I am silent, they will think that I am angry or sad, but in fact I did not, I Just quiet down, when it's true for a while.thoughts are always different from my peers. When they drink, I am talking about drinking less, not good for the body; when they make up, I am talking about not always making up, not good for the skin; when they are happy to go shopping, unscrupulously trying clothes, I But follow the planned purchase order to quickly buy what I need and then go home Low Price Cigarettes Free Shipping. Sometimes I will sigh, I seem to be old, not like a young man Cigarette Wholesaler Price.k the biggest revenge for a person is to treat him as a stranger Cheap Newports C, because hating a person is too tired, but this idea has been ridiculed by friends; I think the happiest thing is to have a home of its own, not to be rich. I want to be healthy and worry-free; I think that the best future is nothing more than that I can still live as happy and happy as I am now. People who care about and care about me are healthy and happy. I don??t think that good people are necessarily true. Everything is good, bad people are not necessarily true and evil; I think I may not be able to do much good deeds, but I can insist that I do not do too much bad only satisfy a bowl of noodles, a song, a sentence, but it may also be sad because of an action, an expression, a look; I can feel happy because someone doesn't care; I can because The ordinary things are surprisingly amazing.

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