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I, an unusual football, because I have an autograph of Beckham on my sleek leather jacket! With this signature Marlboro Hard Cigerate, the little master is not willing to kick me, he put me in a glass cover. Live in this glass palace, cough! At first I felt like an emperor, but then I found out that I didn't even have a place to turn around. Which is a palace? This is a prison! I want freedom! Running is my nature!ortunity finally came Cheap Newport Regular Online. One day, the little master family went on a trip, but forgot an important thing before going out - closing the window. A gust of wind in the evening finally blows me and the "Glass Palace" to the ground. With a crackle, I popped out the window with a strong wind. Haha, I am finally free the joy was always short-lived. Suddenly, a lot of cars came from me. I left the right flash and finally rolled into the lawn. The next thing was even worse. My body was stained with dirty cockroaches, sloppy urine, and sticky shit. Fortunately, a heavy rain followed me to take a quick shower, I hope my Xiaobei signature will not be washed away!nally came over, but when I was lying in the sun and enjoying the sun Discount Newport 100S Cigarettes, suddenly, a hand that was rough like an old bark grabbed me, then I was confused and a bunch of broken bottles. The paper stayed together. I didn't know how long it was, and with the bang, we were ruthlessly fell to the ground. While I was looking around, a big black dog was looking at me with my teeth, ah, the tiger fell to Pingyang and was bullied by the dog! It seems that my life is rested... The dog bit me, I trembled, it settled me, and I used my head to push me out.o the middle of the road again. A car flew past me. "I am free again!" I cried happily. I started to challenge the wheel. Suddenly, a cart pulled down by me. The driver came down and looked at me. He said to himself: "Today is lucky, just be my son's birthday present!" The driver took me. The car, then, put me in a very large bag, then I saw a bunch of toys, there are Transformers, cars, toy trains, tigers... a lot. Two hours later, I was screamed and then leaned forward, and I was caught by a rough big hand. The man kicked me with his foot and said: "I haven??t given my child a birthday in three years. Today is his sixth birthday! I want to surprise him today!" He kicked me into a courtyard. Then put me in the bag. Just entered the door, and after a while he took the whole bag in, and then smashed things out like a trick, and the child suddenly smiled. Finally, the truck driver took out me again. When the child saw that my face suddenly lost its brilliance Marlboro 100'S Carton, he said to his father, "Dad, what do you do with such dirty things?" Dad said, "Today is you." Birthday, listen to you!" Throw me out of the window after I finished.lled from the road to the small river, then rushed into the river by the small river, and was rushed into the vast ocean by the river. One fisherman found me one day, and he spread his big fishing net to me. I was salvaged with a group of fish. The fishermen looked at me and said to themselves: "If they gave us the children in the fishing village, they still don't know how happy they are." Then he immediately took me and some small fish back. One day later, I finally got on the shore, because I was already washed clean in the sea, so it was very beautiful. As soon as I got ashore, the children in the village came over and had to have me. Still the old man is smart, the old fishermen think of a good way - let everyone manage it once. The children are very happy, they wash me clean, every day there will be a new child to keep me.ay, as usual, I was handed over to a girl. But she always used me as a basketball. I have a football with the signature of Beckham! I don't want these little girls to play with me!ped out of the wall and crossed the road to the grass. A child found me and I was put into a brand new bag. I gasped and looked into the distance, thinking silently: "Where am I going to go this time?" I was taken on a train two hours later. A few days later, we came to a train station. Although it is summer, it is still very cool. I spent the night at the child's house. The next morning, I was placed in the trunk of the car and I came to an aquarium. When we arrived at the Aquarium Wholesale Cigarettes Marlboro Online, we first came to the Dolphin Performance Hall. The show didn't start yet, so I went to the background first. I didn't pay attention to the staff and came to the breeding pool. I thought, I am a football with a signature by Beckham. I am not afraid of water. It will not happen when I take a shower inside. Then I walked over and jumped and plunged. A dolphin, also jumped up, just topped me up. I fell into a basket made of wire. At this time, the two dolphins bit me at the same time, only listening to the loud noise w you again, I found out that I had been picked up by the best man in Asia, Bao Xishun, from the belly of the dolphins. Ugh! The "ball" of my famous ball is also in the hands of celebrities!

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